ISO Medallion Tote w/SH

  1. Does anyone know any store's that have this in stock? I've been calling around and I can only find the one w/Gold Hardware. I figured that maybe someone on here could help me find an SA that would be willing to get it for me if they don't have it in stock. I'm new to Chanel so I would appreciate any help or direction in finding this bag.
  2. Saks, Chevy Chase MD had it about 2 weeks ago. They had 4, as I recall. They always seem to have one in stock. HTH
  3. What color? Did I miss that?
  4. south coast plaza chanel had some.
  5. Oops, I should have mentioned that the color at Chevy Chase is black w/SH.

    Swanky mama, no you did not. I "assumed" she was looking for black (since most seem to be) when I read the post. :smile:
  6. Sorry about that!!:shame: I am looking for the tote in black w/SH. That was silly of me to forget. Thanks for the info everyone!:smile: