ISO: long necklace

  1. I think this is the right forum....I am in search of a long necklace to wear with sweater dresses, turtlenecks, tees, etc. I have a brown wooden one w/specks of black in it. I love it and wear it quite a bit. However, I need something that will match greys and blacks. I usually wear silver colored jewelry, but I'm open to gold. I want it to be substantial enough for it to stand out but not too chunky that it's overwhelming. I also do not want it to look obviously fake or cheap. Any suggestions? Would like to spend less than $75. Thanks.
  2. I would have suggested my Long Links necklace...but it's more than $75. :smile:

    Have you looked through Etsy? There are tons of talented designers with unique necklaces.

    Here's a Lariat that is $50.

    Here's one that is only $10! Steal!

    And a few more...

    Good luck!