ISO info, please! 25 cm Birkin

  1. I have the opportunity to buy a new 25 cm BJ Birkin from a reseller (someone I know) for $7899.

    (1) Is this a good price?
    (2) 25 cm seems small, but I haven't actually held one (seen them from a distance). If you have one, do you like it?
    (3) Is it more an evening bag or is it practical as a day bag?

  2. I have Kelly 25 cm. IMO, I think it is pretty practical. It holds a lot more than many people think. I use it as my daily bag (alternating with my vermillion Kelly), and there has been NO problem carrying my essentials so far. I usually carry my Bearn wallet, cellphone, cosmetic pouch to hold my lip-gloss, woman stuff, some candies or tictac,pens, and small amount mails I need to mail out or something.

    Birkin 25 cm definetly has even more space than Kelly 25cm. And you don't have to close the flap each time as with Kelly. So, it is another reason to give you more space if you decide to keep the closure open.

    I mean YOU have to love it and decide depends on you life style. If it was for me, I would not even think twice. I would just snatch it:graucho: !

    btw, blue jean is absolutely gorgeous color!!!!!!!!!!:flowers:

    Pricewise, it is like about $5500 at Hermes for Birkin 25cm for Togo leather.
  3. well i have to agree with aspen i does hold some stuff the only thing that bothers me. a kelly is a ladylike handbag that looks fab in 25 cm but the birkin is more of a tote and a tote for me has to be a bit bigger and not so handbaggish. i think it looks fine only closed and in lizard or croc as an evening bag (even though i prefer the 30 over the 25 )mhmm i am not much help am i ? bottom line - it is cute but somehow reminds me of a shrunken regular birkin ai would take a kelly 25 anytime over a 25 birkin but it also depends on your height and shape
  4. ^^ agree.
    I think the color and leather really matter. What are the specs?
    As far as price, it has a markup but not INSANE like a few we've seen. :smile:
  5. ^^ It's togo, white top stitch and palladium HW.
  6. Hmmm, I'd go have a looksey and if it moves your heart - go for it. PERSONALLY, I'd only have a 25cm if I had many other Birkins for other ocassions. Or, if it was in an exotic for evening.
    Keep us posted!!
  7. Can you take a look at it in person before you commit? I was very surprised when I aw one live, I liked it but it was too small for me, I still want one one in a dark color for evening use, instead of day use, as was my original plan. It looked sweet, like a minature of the reg. birkin. If you use small bags on a regular basis, then you will be fine with it.
  8. I think the orange suede Birkin I held for a brief moment in SF was a 25? I really liked it! I do tend to like smaller bags and I don't carry much. It was around 7,900ish. :girlsigh:
  9. Wow, that one sounds yummy! did you think it would work for evening?
  10. i think u should carry it and try it.. since u're buying it from someone u know.. only then see if its worth the price :smile:

  11. I think the suede would be beautiful for evening. I'd probably get it in black so it would go with more but the orange was TDF! :love:
  12. oooh, a black suede with pall.:nuts: you just inspierd a new bag for my wish list! thanks for that vision!:P
  13. Just for price referance, suede is more than the standard leathers...
  14. I think you really need to see it and hold it before making a final decision. From reading a lot of threads on size issues, it seems like it is a very personal decision. I have to say though BJ w/ PH is gorgeous! I, myself, would prefer a 30cm.