ISO(in search of)Choo cosmetic bags and Neona flats

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  1. Anyone know where I can find the cosmetic bags? I've googled and come up empty also interested in the flats. Point me in the right direction?
  2. V_o - I think the best place is at the boutiques. I got my Neona flats from the Chicago boutique. Give Casey a call at the Chicago boutique and she might be able to hunt them down for you.
  3. Hi the new boutique in the Palazzo in Las Vegas. I think they may have some of the flats on sale. Sorry, I don't have the phone number.
    Where are you located? You can also keep checking at and and also net-a-porter. They all carry Choo and often have sales!
  4. Thanks sweets! :heart:
  5. You rock!! Is that where I would find the cosmetic bags as well?
  6. I know they had some wallets. If I were you, I'd go for the Zulu in drummed leather and use it as a make-up bag. It is larger than the regular make-up bags Choo had...more of a medium clutch size and is less than $400.
  7. *takes notes* Thanks sweetie, I'll check into that and I'm also thinking about using the ciggy clutch as a makeup bag. If it had card slots like the MJ zip clutch I'd use it as a wallet! lol
    Thanks for your help. As always. :smile:
  8. V-o - See, we will all happily enable you and then live vicariously through your purchases, lol!
  9. You can always get one of those little card carriers to put inside. I did this for a long time with an older small Choo clutch. Then I just put it inside my larger handbags. When I just wanted to carry something small, and not lug my purse around, I just took it out and used it. It was big enough for lip color, ID, cell phone, money and keys. Worked great!