ISO Cheri...tri-color or maybe stingray (sale priced)

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  1. If you've seen this online anywhere, point me in the right direction :smile:
  2. Hi Sukey! Where you been lady?
    Sorry---I haven't seen that bag anywhere....anyone??
  3. life has been crazy....both my grandmom and my mom were diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemo...and this year Im homeschooling one of my kids. I took a break from Tpf for a while but Im baaaaack lol
  4. Hi Sukey,

    Kimberly at Clutch Seattle had a Stringray one a couple weeks ago - on sale. I don't recall the price, I think it might have been in the mid $400s - I'd try calling her. 206 624 2362
  5. I alreday PM'd sukey about the tri-color cheri on ebay as well.. (not my listing)
  6. I found one but its got a "no return" policy...since I haven't seen the bag in person Im cautious about that, kwim
  7. Sukey, The tri-colour Cheri is pretty but the leather is also thick so it makes the bag quite heavy. Also the brown leather bleeds on the patent white trimmings. Then again I live on a tropical island so maybe the bag is not meant for our climate here only.
  8. good to know...thanks!
    And can I move to where you are, its 24 degrees here today..ick