ISO Chanel help.

  1. Ok so I'm new to all this so here goes my situ. I want/crave/need the Black cambon bag w the white ccs and pink interior either the bowler bag or med tote. But my friend who is more designerish also wants it and has said that they no longer make this. So now what? I found one locally (bowler) that is 2nd hand but gaurantee auth for 1080. But the white cc is kinda worn out or crackish, and I don't even know what the original price for one of these babies was so Idk if this is a good price. And I think i might prefer the tote. So should I just buy the fake ones out there b/c i don't think i can wait or weed out the ones on eBay. :confused1:
  2. Meh at buying the fake ones. They're easy to find and cheap of course, but I can tell the different in the quality between the fake and the original and there really is no comparison.

    They still make the black on black and beige on beige Cambon totes. Have you considered those?
  3. They still make the black on black? Ok that wld work with me. Thanks so much for your reply. Looking thru this site I saw the black and vinyl cc ones ohhh nice! Ya that auction looks great too bad its too big for me, but I will watch out for her auctions.:okay:
  4. ^Yup, no prob! I just realized you live in Honolulu. Awesome. :biggrin: