ISO Chanel 2005 Reissue

  1. I'm searching for a Chanel 2005 reissue in the XL Jumbo (228 size) out of black lambskin distressed leather with either silver (preferred) or gold hardware. If anyone knows of one or has one, please PM me. Thanks so much!:yes:
  2. PP, I will keep my eye out for you. Not too long ago another member managed to find a 228 anniversary reissue, so there's always hope :yes:

    BTW: buying and selling on tPF is not allowed, but you probably already know that :smile:
  3. Thanks, my friend:flowers:
  4. i thought the original anniversary reissue only came with gold h/w? when you're asking around, be sure to specifically ask for the 228 -- many people call the 227 the jumbo.