ISO cambon wallet/clutch

  1. hey there, new to Chanel, i'm usually crusing around the B-Bag threads. i spotted what i thought was a cambon clutch wallet?? :graucho: anyone know where i could find one? i saw one briefly on eBay 2 nights ago, a black one with snakeskin double C's - but it was gone in a flash! any help would be greatly appreciated - i'm drooling for Chanel right now! :love: thanks girls!
  2. My SA had a cambon wallet, dont know about the clutch though :shrugs:
  3. maybe it's not a clutch but it's a foldover and fatter than the style that is thin. i thought it was a clutch, i'll try to add a link to a picture
  4. here's a picture:
  5. jpg.gif