ISO business card case

  1. I'd like to have a classy case to hold my business cards. Any suggestions? I'm pretty open minded right now b/c I'm not sure what's out there and what I want. I am open to a silver case or a designer case. I just know that I don't want LV, Coach, or Gucci. I'd like to spend less than $100.
  2. I've honestly never seen designer business card cases. Anyone?
  3. I'm definitely looking for something professional and classy looking. The only acceptable patterns or prints would be the Burberry Nova check or something in a snake or croc texture. Even if it was silver, I want it to be very modern and minimalist looking.
  4. I saw some Holt Renfrew at the outlet in Vaughn ON. Clearance price was right - I can't remember exact #s, but they were hugely discounted and super classy. Perhaps check eBay?

    Personally I ended up with a Coach and am delighted with it.
  5. Lodis has some great ones in all kinds of leathers, from basic solids to textures and metallics - I just got my friend one in pink that she loves!

    Try - the "Mini Card Case" is what I think might fit the bill for you.
  6. Ok, I think I am going to get this one in black. Or should I get red? I don't know why I am so indecisive w/color tonight!
  7. Id definitely get red.

    I bought a Kate Spade that is quite nice.
  8. Nice audball - I like those options a lot...
  9. I really like that!!
  10. that is BEAUTIFUL!!