ISO Bright GSH Money Wallet!

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  1. Anyone seen any in bright colors around? I'm looking for Outremer, Sorbet, Cyclade, etc.

    Any brights from previous seasons would be find, too. The Bal website has Sang and Pommier, but of course, those are the two brights I'm staying away from for small accessories b/c I want my next bag to be either red or green and I don't want a weird matchy-but-not-quite-matching thing going on.

    I called Bal LV and they had quite a few in stock, but all in subtle colors.

    Do we know which upcoming colors will come in this style?

    Hope this was ok, I searched threads and couldn't find anything.
  2. I think I'm going to go with the Mandarin GSH Money.

    But if anyone is looking, BalNY has Cyclade in stock now and Nordies Sacramento has one more Mandarin.