ISO: Black quilted tote

  1. Hello -
    I've just spent way-too-many hours surfing around trying to locate a bag (I don't know the designer or source). Then I found this site and I figure - if anyone can help me, it's you guys.

    It appeared to be black quilted microfiber, with leather trim and handles. The shape is basic, vertical rectangle tote. It looked clean & neat, and would go nicely with Eileen Fisher clothing.

    I assumed it was a Vera Bradley, but her handles aren't leather.

    Any ideas who might make this bag?

    Thanks in advance -
  2. Sorry, I don't know the answer but someone else might.
  3. Brahmin, Paradox?
  4. Prada also made a quilted microfiber tote with leather trim. I think it was a couple of seasons ago.
  5. It may be Prada a few years old but a classic