ISO Black GST with silver hardware

  1. Has anyone seen one recently? I've heard they are very hard to find. Also- is anyone else looking for one?

    btw- GST = grand shopping tote
  2. I have been on a waitlist since January because they are sold out. The new stock should be arriving in the next month or two.
  3. I've been looking for a black GST with silver too! Please let me know if you find find some!
  4. i'm on the list too, still waiting
  5. I just sent an email to my SA Angie and I'll let you know what she says.
  6. I just got on the waitlist at the Troy NM. The SA said that they are getting in a shipment of 18 soon. 18?? I think I must have heard wrong. that's crazy!! But if it's true, that might be a good place to try.
  7. 18 sounds possible, my Chanel boutique had that many last year at one point.
    I am waitlisted as well.
  8. I went on waitlist this morning for this bag, but I'm not certain I'll get it in black. So, if it comes in and I'll post here for anyone who wants it.

    I have this bag in beige and may get it in white.
  9. I just got mine, yesterday. My friend got hers about 2 weeks ago so they are definitely trickling in. You must get on a list though!