ISO A Nice Keychain

  1. Ok. Heres the thing. Christmas here is interesting because my boyfriend is one of 4 boys (2 stepbrothers) and three of them have SOs. Me, P, and C. Depending on who she likes the most at the moment, that girl gets the best gifts and then the other 2 get lesser versions of those things. P has been around for 12 years, me for 4 1/2 and C for 3 1/2. BF and I are off again on again or whatever so this year was kind of strange...but all the gifts were identical, with the exception that P is her fav and really tiny so she got some Michael Kors clothes.

    Given that everything had been the same I got really excited when P pulled out a Coach package. She had recently locked herself out of her apartment and I did the same thing a day later so no one was surprised when she pulled out a "P" keychain/charm that had a note saying "Keep A Spare Key!". Outwardly I was like "Oh, how cute!" and inside I was like "Yes, yes, yes, redemption!" - last year was our first ever OFF period and she only gave me the junk gifts and gave my nice gifts to someone else even though I was still here - because I thought I was getting one too.

    Then I open my package and its a tiny green box from where she works...yay. Open it up, and its a plain brown old lady keychain from Cole Haan. Does anyone under 50 buy anything there? So I played the part and cut to a week later she wants to know why Im not carrying it. I told her I was keeping it in the box until I needed a new one because I had just gotten a really nice one for my bday from a friend.

    Now I need that fictional bday gift so Im not stuck carrying around the stupid CH one. Seriously, its brown leather and a snap, looks like something my dad would carry.

    Any suggestions on something nice, cute, and age appropriate for a reasonable price?
  2. Also, I dont want that post to sound ungrateful, she obviously doesnt have to give me anything at all. Its just the fact that since we live the closest (down the street for petes sakes) she is always here or asking me to do things for her even if its seriously inconvenient, asking BF to cancel plans with me to go out with her, and actually asking me to help her pick out everyone elses gifts one year and then giving me a bar of soap she SAID she bought during her trip to Ireland, but actually came from Marshalls. Its like Im her little helper when she needs a favor and she takes serious advantage and is way to involved in our lives. And since it came from where she works that means I cant exchange it obviously.
  3. eBay usually has tons of Coach fobs/key chains. I love them and have a few I keep on my keychain and clip to my bags. If you do a search for one you like, you might be able to get a cutie at a really good price.

    Try not to get hung up about how she (is she the mom?) handles presents for you, it doesn't look like you can change things. Search for a cute Coach one on eBay or at an outlet and it will def. cheer you up!