ISO: a friend

  1. I am moving soon and I would like to have a friend when I get there.. I know it sounds dumb but I was hoping to make friends with someone who I know I would have some things in common with... I love tPf...and everyone here seems so my completely uncool request is to try to make friends with a few people who live in N. Va...before I get there...Feel free to PM me if you think you may have room for a new friend in your life...

    And it's official...I feel like a big nerd!!:roflmfao::shame:
  2. N. Va? like Northern Virginia
  3. Hi there! Not in No. Va., but Virginia Beach. My hubby just retired after 25 years in the Navy. We make it up to No. Va. a couple of times a year. There's great shopping there!
  4. ah so it is NOVA... I only go up there about once every couple of months to get a taste of the real world as opposed to bass ackwards Charlottesville!
  5. Yup...We'll be in Fairfax County...:yes:
  6. I'm in Loudoun County (just next door!). I'll drop you a PM. :smile: It can be really difficult meeting people around here, so I know just how you feel!
  7. I have heard the shopping is good... I went to the optometrist a few weeks ago and she told me to make sure I went to Tysons I guess I'll check it out! I do like to shop!
  8. Yep, Tyson's Corner has great shopping! We always stay at the Embassy Suites there when we go up.
  9. Tyson's is my fav during sale time, but also my beloved Potamac Mills/Leesburg Outlets :smile: