ISO a couple of HTF wristlets!!! PLEASE HELP! LOL

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  1. Hi ladies! Does anyone think they can help my SIL and myself find a couple wristlets?? We are looking for 2 Legacy wristlets (I will post pics below) and she is looking for a Hampton's Stripe special edt. one as well. I have seen the legacy ones on eBay but I am still a little leary about buying stuff on eBay (when it comes to Coach - have seen some BAD and GOOD fakes....KWIM?) and that Hampton's one just seems like it is nowhere to be found. If someone lives next door to an outlet where they have seen these and could pick them up for me I would gladly pay all shipping costs, etc and could do so through PayPal. Thanks for any help you can give!

    legacy wristlet.jpg coach-hamptons-signature-stripe-wristlet.jpg
  2. The Macy's in Paradise Valley Mall (Arizona) had the hamptons wristlet, but not in the red trim. It had more of a brownish/khaki trim. It was on clearance, so if you're interested in that color, you should try to order thru macys!
  3. Can you do that and order through Macy's like you do in the boutique? I will have to tell her about that! Thanks so much!!
  4. first of all, you cannot ask people to buy you stuff on here, it's not allowed

    there are a lot of legacy striped wristlets on eBay, and if you post them in the 'authenticate this coach' thread in the coach shopping board, you will be find. there are some great deals on them now

    they have also been showing up at the outlets, so if you live near an outlet, I would call there.

    good luck!! I can't help with the red trim one, but I know it was very very popular
  5. Twinmom, I don't know Macy's policies re shipping but it never hurts to try.
  6. I am VERY sorry about that - I had simply seen people before offering to purchase things when they have made trips to the outlets. I had no idea and again am sorry. Speaking of which - in light of seeing another lady's post - has anyone considered a thread /sticky for members here to sell or trade their no longer used items? It would be a really safe way deal with others that you know you can trust! Just a thought! LOL

    I am considering calling some of the outlets near me. I am 2 hours from 2 outlets and 3 hours from another and with 2 year old twins its hard to jump in the car to check it out! LOL If I knew they had them for sure it would be worth the drive :smile:

    Thanks for the well wishes on the red wristlet. My SIL is really wanting that one badly but I have a bad feeling she will never find it :sad: I would love to be able to find it and get it for her for her bday (in Sept.) or for Christmas - would make a great surprise for her IMO :smile: Again, thanks!!

  7. there is an area for buying and selling on here, but you have to meet certain requirements

    remember that even though we all seem like best friends around here we are in fact strangers, I've heard stories on other boards of people getting scammed, so please be careful!

    don't apologize, it's not a big deal at all, I just wanted to let you know!

    good luck!
  8. Oh, I never knew there was such a place, is it here on the specific Coach forum or the general purse forum? I will have to check into that. I just think that they only way my SIL is going to find this wristlet is from an individual since they were limited and are now so scarce. She actually called that Arizona store (that was posted earlier) in hopes of finding it! LOL Still no luck!

    I know you are right about everyone still being strangers - it is easy to forget that. I just figured your chances of getting good people here versus eBay might be better. But of course you never know! :smile: Thanks!!

  9. the place on here is called the marketplace and its on the overall purse forum

    they are not accepting new members right now though

    seriously, I know ebay can be a bit scary, but you can find some really fun stuff, it really is worth checking out
  10. I am in Oregon and I also saw the Hampton's wristlet at Macy's today 25% off, but it wasn't in the red, it was brown but the same style. It was at Washington Square and maybe they ship!?