Isn't this the RING?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Yes, it is and it is WONDERFUL!!!!

    You will love it:yahoo::wlae:
  3. It's called "belted" on the BG website - where it is also full price - NAP is finished - any idea where I can get one at some sort of a discount? I've looked all over, I'm exhausted. Thanks so much for confirming the style. I've been lusting for JC for 8 months. I'm making myself sick.
  4. Have you called a Choo SA? The biker Rings were S/S 07, I believe. If there are some left, they may be on sale. Give your local Choo boutique a call and they can search the system.
  5. My local boutique has them at full price with no hope for a sale. I think I'll call ILovetoShop's SA in Atlanta. Thanks.
  6. I'm just glad I've never seen it in forest green, or I'd be in big trouble. :sweatdrop:
  7. ^ I know you only said that to torment me. Be very careful as you are now dealing with, "The Lordess...of the Rings". And I gotta be honest with ya...I show little mercy! :smash:
  8. Occasionally check Overstock, too! Good luck... I have the black Biker w/ Watersnake and I LOOOOVE mine!
  9. The only thing about that bag is that it's the all leather version. Still a very nice bag I'm sure, but the biker leather version is TDF!
  10. ITA about the incredible/lightweight/unique Biker leather :love: and don't forget about the magnificent watersnake trim which makes this bag stand out from just any regular black leather bag. I'd definitely pay more for a Biker leather Ring as opposed to just plain leather. IMO, black is the best color, altho I haven't seen the burgundy one yet.
  11. Again, I vote for the biker leather Ring. Yesterday I saw the new Cruise 07 yellow patent Ring IRL. Talk about plastic-y (my opinion, girls) :wtf: ! It was not slouchy either.
  12. You know, I was just wondering about the yellow ring. There's also that perspex ramona XL which is pretty wild and sunny. :nuts:
  13. I saw a larger than life photo of the yellow Ring and I can't even talk about it. 'Nuff said. :throwup: