Isn't This The Real Paris Hilton? ?????????

  1. [​IMG]

    ew!:yucky: :yucky: the second picture is so UGLY!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. no, its not. the last one isnt her, and neither is the second pic. i don't know about the other two
  5. only the 1st one is real
  6. I remember watching a TV show on Paris lookalike (Natalie Reid - Paris Hilton Lookalike). Well, some people can dance, some can sing, this woman, apparently can walk, talk, act, and wave like Paris :confused1:.

    I personally don't think this world's ready for more than 1 Paris :P.
  7. I know she used to model. Did Pairs ever do any print ads?
  8. The woman on the top right is a British Celebrity Big Brother contest called Chantelle.
  9. The last two are a girl named Natalie Reid, she stood in for Paris on her T.V. show!
    SHE'S GR8" I :heart: HER! XX
  11. The only pic that is Paris is the first one. The second, third, and fourth are not.
  12. ^^ I agree
  13. but the one with the abg is a close shot.. oo i would be fooled if i glanced quickly
  14. yea, the second and third stood for Paris on the season finale of The Simple Life.She really does look like Paris in real life.It's kinda scary!:yucky:
  15. WHAT, a paris look-a-like?
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