Isn't this terrible!

  1. My damier azur speedy 25 has finally made it to New Mexico after waiting since December! However, I missed FedEx man twice, and now it's sitting at fedex and I can't get there because I had a terrible wreck this weekend... and flew off the freeway and landed in the middle of the desert in my mini cooper. I'm lucky I'm not dead:yes: Car is back at the shop, and I can't get to fedex...:wtf:

    crazy huh? I didn't hurt myself, but the whole thing is a miracle. Fedex said they will hold till tomorrow...:shrugs:

    Can't wait to get my azur, but I want my car fixed right too! forget about me, I jumped out, my car, my car! Kinda like crash...

  2. Wow... :wtf: I'm so glad you are okay!
  3. Oh my gosh!!! You poor thing! :sad: Never mind the bag and your car..Thank God you're not hurt! How scary! Hugs to you (and your adorable little Louis piggy,too!) xoxo:heart: :smile: :heart:
  4. awww.. thanks, I need to slow down... with LV, and everything else too.... No one would be able to feed Louis if I got hurt... plus, we need to use our LV in good health!
  5. vee, so scary! :sad: glad you are ok. please slow down and your azur speedy can wait, your health and well being is more important! be careful!:lecture:
  6. :lecture: Speed kills..... not that I would no anything about that :whistle:
    I'm glad you're OK & hopefully your Mini will be all better & your speedy makes it way home soon.
  7. omgoodness!!! yes you need to think of louie first, hes more important than LV! glad your ok! cant you get fedex to mail it again? x or maybe to your office!?
  8. yeah. I was really tired, it was Saturday morning, I was going horseback riding and really just wanted to stay home. Next time, I'll have to listen better to myself. I'm so glad no one else was involved, no cops, no tickets, just lost traction on a turn, front wheel drive is really dangerous like that.. thank god minis are built really strong...

    Can't wait to get my azur ! Then, no more LV for a while and I'll be taking the train...:sweatdrop: :idea:
  9. oh my! i hope you are ok veronika!!! :heart:
  10. Can BMW build a car or what :yes: I do think a new LV might help ease the emotional scars from your accident though.
  11. Veronika, you need to slow down in the desert. I'm so glad hear you weren't hurt. I hope you went to see a doctor just in case. Hope your Mini Cooper will come back to you good as new. Now you need to relax and take care of you.:sad:
  12. True. :graucho:
  13. scary! I am glad that yo are okay. :sweatdrop: Don't worry, your damier azur speedy will wait for you at FedEx.
  14. happy to hear your OK please be careful, but can't wait to see pics of your new bag
  15. OMG how scary! Glad to hear that you are okay though.