Isn't this extremely cheap?!

  1. Hi - yes, it looks good. It is cheap, but it's used. It also looks like it came from an outlet (e.g. Saks Off 5th, Nieman's Last Call) because of the big black X on the interior. My Saks Off 5th does that so you can't return the bag. If it was bought at one of these outlets the owner may have only paid $599 for the bag to begin with. e.g. I once saw a black Paddy on sale at Off 5th for $499 b/c the lock had fallen off. The woman two people in front of me snatched it up.
  2. While I am not sure if you want assurance as to authenticity, iN the future, please post all questions about authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe thread in the Shopping subforum.
  3. It's actually pretty reasonable. There's a lot of handbag sales right now, so getting top dollar on a used Paddy from E-bay would be difficult. I just bought a barely used authentic black Paddy from a tPF member on E-bay for $550. It's handbag hunting season right now & deals are everywhere!