Isn't this Date code wrong???????

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  1. Hi ladies and gent,
    My coworker bought this bag today, and she was showing off. Since I am still not that good to spot a fake I was wondering if you guys can help me out. The bag supposed to be from the cherry blossom line. The date code I saw was this : M95015. She said she bought it at the LV store in the beginning of summer. I told her that was impossible because this line was discontinued. She then told me that she had bought it at eBay. I told her that a lot of LV's on eBay are fake. She doesn't agree with me, so ladies, and gents please tell me, that does datecode sound right?
  2. As far as I know, that is not date code. It may be the product number which shouldn't appear on the bag.

  3. Doesnt match. That's the product code for:

    Louis Vuitton Sac Fermoir GM / M95015
  4. Nope that is not a date code...and LV doesn't put model numbers in bags. Sad to say she probably got a fake.
    Cherry Blossom bags should be a 2003 date code (usually an early month too)
  5. yeah, it's the model code,not date code..
  6. hmmm that isnt a date code, its something you'd find on a fake for sure. Not even sure it would be a model number :wtf:
  7. Cherry Blossom line date codes should be TH
  8. Also, the last # of CB Date code should always be "3"
  9. that is not a date code. it's fake :sad:
  10. Yeah, If that is what is printed in the bag it's fake but she lied at first about where she got it anyway so she might already know it's fake!?!
  11. That's not a date code it's a model #, and it shouldn't be anywhere stamped on or inside a bag. Lower quality fakes do this.
  12. Fake!