Isn't this cute! Patent Elvire Hobo

  1. She reminds me of the chain handled Betty satchel in black that my sister bought and returned (like scores of other Chloe addicts); it was ungodly heavy. eBay has one now BTW. But I digress....

    Both purse are really striking with the Betty being impractical but this, not so much. It's missing the chain (which helps) yet has the rock and roll feel is still there with the patent body.
  2. I think its really funky but I don't like the price tag!

    OMG the one on eBay is even more expensive!!!
  3. Gulp?? They have this Elvire on ebay, LOL I was talking about the Chain Handled Betty Satchel in Black for 750 dollars (which is cheap) but you have to carry the bag too.:yucky: