Isn't this bag absolutely adorable?

  1. I guess many of you have seen this, but this is the first time I looked at it in detail. It looks so pretty! I wish I could buy it right now....


    ....isn't it adorable? It reminds me of a crazy patchwork quilt with the whole history of LV.
  2. It's funky! But not my taste!
  3. It's called "The Tribute" I have the feeling it is going to be $$$$$$$$
  4. You can probably get on the waitlist now.
  5. It's unique, but I'm not a fan of it.
    I think someone described it as the LV factory exploded and this is what was
  6. Meh. Not my style..too much going on.
    But like Michelle said, you can probably get on the list now.
  7. My feelings are hurt. This is a beautiful bag...I wish people would be more sensitive about my feelings...

    (sorry, I was kidding about that part. But I do think the bag is pretty)
  8. people said from both sides in the Miroir thread, if you love the bag then other's opinions of them shouldn't matter. ;)
  9. Is this perhaps a reference to the miroir thread??
  10. I guess you're right.
  11. We get it. Is this the only reasoning behind this thread or did you actually like the bag? Just curious.
  12. It reminds of the Coach bags that use all of their different materials (leather & cloth) in a patchwork pattern. Does this LV bag have vachetta handle on the side of the bag? It kind of looks like a bag was collapsed and sewn onto the side of this LV purse. It's definately unique!
  13. Hey now...I am only quoting what someone else said, and I didn't say whether I agreed with it!
    I already said it's unique, and I didn't bash it or anything.
  14. No, I do like the bag. I like patchwork stuff...and the bag is like a compilation of LV history and might become a collector's item.
  15. I like it.