Isn't there supposed to be a Holt Renfrew private shopping night...

  1. in March? :confused1: I remember when we had one in September, people were saying the next one would be in March!
  2. I know they had a Christmas event, I haven't heard anything else.
  3. I was at the calgary store this weekend and the SA told me it's on March 14 ( Wed ) Would it be the same date for all stores? Sorry, I've never really been to one :smile:
  4. Yes, PSN will be in March, after the Trunks & Shoe show (here in Calgary at least, which is 9th-11th. I have yet to receive a call from my SA but I did call there today and spoke with someone else who told me about it )
  5. I have no idea, but I remember last time I got something in my mail
  6. I think they might mail you a card if your in their system. I hope I get a card lol. I hope to find out also, about when it is. I'll be saving my money for this :shame:
  7. I'm pretty sure its the same date for all stores! Thanks!
  8. I'm soo excited!
  9. Yes, arnott, it would be on Mar14 as well for the Vancouver store!! Are u planning to purchase anything? and Yes I am!!!!!!!
  10. Is this when they give gift cards for purchases? :shame:
  11. I never got an invitation! *Sulks*
  12. Yep! But I think you have to spend at least $600 to get anything.

  13. I did not get an invitation neither. I just happened to call the boutique inquiring something!! Prior to the call I just remembered the shopping night is around this time and I just asked to confirm!
  14. i don't have a boutique near me...i guess that's good. LOL. have fun to whoever is going!
  15. yep...i guess that will be a $50 gift card or something..:confused1:

    btw, wut if i shop in lv which is in HR, for over $600? :rolleyes: