Isn't there a single boardie with a black mc eliza?

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  1. I'm really curious as to how this looks when carried and also what can fit inside..:confused1: There really isn't a single one?:sad: Pics carrying it would be great at least...:P

    I just need to know before I make my final decision for my final purchase in a while...

    thanks for dropping by!
  2. I have one but I am so sorry that I am unable to post pictures.

    It is not a huge bag (not as tiny as a mini pleaty either) but I absolutely love it. Fits nice on the shoulder or can be carried.

    I don't carry a lot--usually a wallet, cell phone, keys, lip gloss. Sometimes I also throw in some small toy cars for my 4 year old son.

    Sorry I couldn't help you more but good luck. It is a beautiful bag and goes with everything.
  3. hope this helps...

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  4. thanks so much bag fetish! :smile: hmm... i guess not a lot like the black one. heehee...
  5. ooh, snibor, i missed your post! hehehe. i just revived your thread coz i thought you didn't reply here..:Push: