Isn't there a Monogram Canvas bag that has it ALL???

  1. Isn't there an MC bag that has it all??? Space, beauty, practicality, AND comfort? Here's what I mean:

    Treauville - CUUUUUTE bag! No space.
    Batignolles Horizontal - SPACIOUS, COMFORTABLE, AAANND PRACTICAL bag! Not very attractive - looks like a plain ol' shoulder bag.
    Speedy 25 - SUPER CUTE BAG AAAANND slightly COMFORTABLE because it's petite and easily hand-held! Too darn small - NO SPACE.
    Speedy 30 - mildly ATTRACTIVE, SPACIOUS but space is slightly awkward, and uncomfortable when too heavy!

    What are your suggestions for the Mono Canvas bag that "has it all?"
  2. Cabas Piano!
  3. Monogram Riveting
  4. Cabas Piano
    Cabas Mezzo
    Or Riveting as suggested :smile:
  5. Lockit Horizontal!
  6. I am not a mono girl and I only own a musette tango and BH in mono. I am starting to like Beverly MM these days. If I am not on a ban, I would be seriously thinking about getting one. Have you looked at Beverly MM? It is spacious, beautiful, practical, AND comfortable, IMO. If you are really looking for more space, then maybe the larger size of Beverly will do too. :yes:
  7. PH has it all
  8. Beverly MM :smile:
  9. Stephen! I love the strap and the pleating these touches make the bag so unique. Also it is a great size, perfect IMO.
  10. CP is my vote.
  11. Beverly or the new Palamero(sp?) wich will be released in a couple of months. it's a tote bag with a zipper and an extra strap similar to the cabby and it also has the pleat.
  12. speedy 25 and speedy 30 are very practical and not heavy at all. IF you want to feel heavy grab and MC 20 ( multicolor) and you'll feel heavy.

    Why not get the Mini lin speedy 30 if you think the monogram 30 is heavy? its very light and easy to ware.

    I sasy a bag that has it all depends on what you're looking for? Comfort and space, practical... BH, piano, popincourt haut.
    Speedy 30, trouville,manhattan,
  13. what about the tulum gm -- i am loving that bag
  14. Cabas Mezzo.
  15. ITA!