Isn't the monogram on this Carly Top Handle bag wrong?

  1. I believe this is the Top Handle style of the Carly bag-- plain handle, no extra anything.

    But anyway, this was a gift to me bought straight from Coach (and I recently posted about a wallet where the stitching was horrible! Got that exchanged though).
    Isn't the monogram on this wrong? Should those middle C's be FACING eachother?

    I was just at the mall near the Coach store and I couldn't help but notice them FACING eachother on the Top Handle Carly's in the window-- just as I had figured, I mean why wouldn't they be facing eachother?

    Is this means to exchange? What do you guys think?
    Here's a pic:


    I know it is up to me but if NONE of you have seen this then I would probably exchange it because now it's starting to bug me.

    What do you think?

  2. I don't know but I will be heade to the mall tonite so I will check.
  3. I think they are. That's weird. Really weird...
  4. any signature I have seen does what yours is doing.. the c's rotate, facing, then not.. unless I am missing the question :confused1:
  5. No, that's normal. It just depends on the piece of fabric they use. Placement of the C's varies from bag to bag.
  6. I thought the C's were pointed downwards, not up. Is that a fake?
  7. No I'm pretty sure my boyfriend did not buy me a fake gift wrapped and everything by Coach. I know it's authentic anyway.

    I really hope it's just the placement of the fabric but it really bugs me now. I didn't even pay attention to it until having it for about a week. It doesn't look right to me now... I might exchange.
  8. my c's go up just like that on my carly :tup:
  9. 2 seconds later now I feel better about it knowing someone else's does, haha. I haven't seen anyone else's though, I browsed on here but just quick... I had an issue with a wallet from there so now I feel like I'm unlucky, or like it's more likely that there's something "wrong" with it.

    ugh, haha. I'm so picky!!!
  10. here is a pic of the medium carly I had, and my large carly now.. they are the same as yours :tup:

  11. Is this a gold/khaki Carly? If it is I am soooooooo jealous! Coach told me that it is sold out :crybaby:! I will have to get the khaki/saddle instead.
  12. Sold out entirely everywhere?? Really? I haven't seen it in the store near me actually... I love the bag. If I had bought it I would have been too afraid to go with the gold trim. The brown is beautiful, but the gold is a lot of fun too just as something different from what I have now. I have all brown trimmed bags except one is white, and now gold.
  13. i love it and nope....thats normal.
  14. its the carly top handle pouch and its still available @

    but yeah, the medium sized carly w/gold trim is sold out every where!!

  15. Really??? I had no idea! That's good to know! Thanks!