Isn't the brand name always at least a little important with certain bags?

  1. I've been on tPF for awhile and I know we all have our arguments about how the bags "last forever" and how high quality they are, etc... and I agree with all of those, but when it comes to debates of fake vs. real, especially logo bags, doesn't the brand obviously matter?

    I feel that the name brand does have to be at least a bit important to the person buying it. If all that matters is the style and you can't afford the real brand, wouldn't you just buy a very similar style rather than a blatant knock off?

    Im sure this will get a few flames, but I have always kind of wondered this. I understand that not every one has the means to spend $1000+ or even $500 on a bag and I wouldn't even try to suggest that to someone who couldn't afford it so that isn't what Im asking. Whether we want to admit it or not, I think that the brand is important, even to a small degree.
  2. absolutely, in a big way a lot of times:yes:
  3. Let's say it this way. If it has a brand name attached to it, I will keep it way longer and maintain it way better.:smile:
  4. If the brand name wasn't important then there would be no need for so many fakes! :smile:
  5. For me, it's only important because it represents the quality I've come to appreciate.
  6. I agree, for me some of the appeal of luxury goods is the brand - and the look/image it personifies. I admit im a lable junkie, and rarely(almost never) buy handbags which arent designer labelled. I think the label is important ;)
  7. of course name brand is important to some people, really what is the difference between a 18K gold cartier necklace and a nonbranded 18K gold necklace. The quality of the necklaces would be similar. The same can be said of a bag, only more obvious.
  8. Well - a lot of the "inspired" versions of more famous bags have something different about it - the size, ppockets placement, strap length, etc. Anyway, it is usually enough to throw off the proportions of the bag and make it not as attractive. That is why I would rather buy a fake over an inspired bag. However, fakes just don't have nice enough leather for me so I don't buy those either.
  9. I don't agree with this. (I just had 2 glasses of wine so I may not say things right lol) When I buy things, I look at the overall reputation, and I don't think the reputation solely comes from the brand name. I mean, lots of people have LVs for decades, and Hermes being chewed by dogs and still look good.
  10. i respect the history and talent involved in brands like Chanel and LV, thats y i want their products! anyone that says that dont buy them for the name is lying.
  11. well... i do agree that the brand name itself means something... maybe a little more to some buyers than others. i know people who buy LV for the quality and craftsmanship... and i know others who buy it simply to flaunt the label.
  12. I agree, in some cases the name really does matter, IMO some of the Pradas or Miu Mius or MJs are over-rated (e.g. a Nylon bag for $1000??? what is up with that) but e.g. Hermes is a different story. I have seen the difference between the real stuff and a bag inspired by, and honestly this is just such a different story.

    As for flaunting the name: I understand the quality part but since we all like to discuss our bag obsession, I think brand flashing, even just to insiders, is part of the whole thing.
  13. Well for some of us the reputable brand is the warantee for an excellent quality and design.
    For some others the brand is all that matters,they want to belong to a certain class, especially for people buying fakes.
    And for people like me, it´s a bit of both.
  14. I'd have to agree with the crowd, brand name does sway... wasn't there an article about this in the NY Times? They did some brain scan thing where they recorded reactions to brand name & found people do react more positively when an item they like is branded? "It's familiar, I feel safe"?

    Even if I'm shopping at Ross, I'm more inclined to walk out with, say, a slightly dinged up nine west purse (which I recognize from macy's) than a random no-name purse like you'd find at forever 21.
  15. I totally agree with you.