Isn't she sweet?

  1. Got this for when I'm quite casually dressed and don't want to carry a it because it's bigger than the cles and holds cell phone in addition to keys and lipstick:smile: I'm sure lots of you girls have this, do you use it?

  2. Awww, it's such a cutie! love it! :love:
  3. oh it's soo cute and so small!
  4. Very cute, congrats!
  5. cuuutiee! I gues this is the denim version of a cles!
  6. very cute!
  7. Sooo cute!!

    I have the denim flat pouch and use it as a it!
  8. It is indeed cute!!! :love:
  9. I didn't realize it would carry a cell phone. Its cute. Thanks for sharing.
  10. :nuts: it is soooooo cute :love:
  11. cute!
  12. So Cute!!
  13. very nice :yes:
  14. I want it, it's adorable!
  15. Aww I love's adorable!