Isn't she lovely?

  1. Hi, it is my first thread in the Prada&Miu Miu subforu.
    I've just purchased my first Miu miu bag...
    Is a pochette and i think she is :heart::heart::heart:

    She is you can see a pic of the pochette near my ink twiggy.
    Miu Miu 001.jpg Miu Miu 002.jpg Miu Miu 003.jpg Miu Miu 004.jpg
  2. AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!She is adorable!!!SO PRETTY!
  3. So classy and the leather looks so smooshy and soft! Congrats! It won't be your last! :yahoo:
  4. She's a beauty!
  5. love her, congrats!!
  6. congrats...she is so pretty!!
  7. so pretty! Congrats!!
  8. Oh, that's beautiful!
  9. wow, that is really pretty!
  10. Absolutely delicious!!! Great choice!
  11. That is LoveLy -- congrats !!!
  12. Wow! This pochette is absolutely gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  13. Its beautiful
  14. Congrats, Miu Miu has great leather, that is so cute.
  15. congratulations!! thats soo cute!