Isn't selling internationally very risky?

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  1. So, here's what I've been wondering. This is a hypothetical but I could see it easily happening. You sell to an international buyer and they turn around and say the item is fake. You tell them the item is real, they say they had it authenticated at some store in their country, you tell them to send it back to you and they argue that you should be responsible for the return charges. You refuse and the bag sits in another country. Paypal will likely find in favor of the buyer, right? What kind of proof of authenticity suffices for Paypal these days? Is a receipt from say, Saks or NM, good enough? And what if you don't have a receipt anymore? So, Paypal refunds the buyer and you are out of the bag and $. Isn't this highly probable? I'm not so sure you'd have an easier time with a US buyer but at least you have our legal system, no?
  2. I have sold bags on to international buyers with no problems, yet. (Knock on wood)
  3. So far all my international buyers have been super nice too (knock on wood too!)
  4. i only sell within the US and no issues.

    i refuse to sell international. i'm sure that most buyers are fine, but too many obstacles and chances for things to go wrong. i can't take a loss like a store can.
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    IMO, it is somewhat more risky just because of the cross of INTL lines and legal systems, diff mailing systems, etc. PP is highly pro-buyer and seems to be on a rampage right now, advising buyers to destroy items claimed counterfeit.
    I have shipped many time internationally. I do NOT sell on eBAY, and TBH, I only sell on BONZ to members that I know. So far, this has worked well for me. And I ALWAYS ship insured, Express mail, sig confirm.
  6. I don't ship internationally. I've done a few times and luckily never had any problem. But it was just way too stressful. Shipping time, customs etc... I know I'm loosing many bidders but I rather want to sleep well at night.
  7. I think it is better and easier to sell items in the US.. there are many obstacles

    dealing with international of them seems to be fakes , bait and switch,

    customs declarations, etc.
  8. I'll ship to Canada, but no where else. I've had two HUGE hassles with a buyer from Italy and one from the Netherlands, so no more ever. :smile:
  9. I usually only ship to PF'ers internationally. However, I wait till payment clears from paypal to my bank account, and will only ship via USPS Priority or Express mail. Its really expensive to some countries, but those are the only two trackable, and insurable services. I never ship without insurance. You can never be too careful!
  10. Wide open - I've sold to Iceland, Russia, Italy, Argentina, have a pending shipment to Poland and have never had one problem. Even had one buyer in Russia I think compliment on rapid shipping!

    Problems will arise anywhere but I have not heard of a legit case where PP asked for a bag to be destroyed. Yes, shipping costs are higher and you'd better be prepared with authenticity but if you want more bidders and higher bids, then I don't see it being any less safe than US buyers.
  11. the majority of my high end sales have been international, all with no problems, if i only wanted to ship in the uk, i'd probably never sell anything !
  12. I find it extraordinary that in this century with all our amazing information technology and the world becoming a smaller place.. to see this expression that anyone outside the US is likely to be difficult to deal with. I'm not and I live outside the US. I ship internationally all the time. I am a frequent international purchaser. I like to think that the world is largely collaborative. I think the faster we ditch the culture of fear the better.
    Just my view.
  13. I don't know... I know there are many many great international buyers/sellers, I just feel safer and more comfortable doing ebay business within the states. But that's just me. I don't know if I can handle all the steps and procedures of it all, and what if something goes wrong?? That's a whole OTHER mess to clear up!
  14. I to ship international and have never had one bad customers via Ebay. I did (this last time) have a mess up with USPS with a Suhali wallet that was to go to Australia, and they sent it to UK, it sat there for over 2 weeks. When I put the tracer on it, they found it a few days later and it was on its way to Australia. The quoted 6-10 days for arrival turned into over 30 days. It was very scary and makes me rethink the International shipping sometimes. Lately, I have been dwindling on my selling on Ebay with all the crazy fees, so I probably will not be selling too much in the future..We shall see!
  15. Yes. I had a nasty experience with someone located in Europe (I'm in the USA). I'll NEVER sell international again. Too many risks!