Isnt my new alexa gorgeous <3

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  1. i havent got much time to do a big reveal. but i had to show you all my new gorgeous alexa.

    introducing miss inky...

  2. Wow, she looks great, beautiful leather, congrats :biggrin:
  3. we're bag twins! Lovely inky. Congratulations!
  4. :coolpics:

    Modeling pics required!!
  5. Yes, she is gorgeous :ps: ! Congrats BMB!
  6. Oh it's fab!
  7. Gorgeous bag, BMB!
  8. woo hoo, very nice!

  9. Its Beautiful, if you get time do a whats in my bag picture :smile:

    I really want to see what you can fit in an Alexa, Enjoy her!!!! lucky!!! :yahoo:
  10. yes ill try and do a 'whats in my bag tomorrow aswel as some modelling pics :smile:
  11. Lovely but then I'm biased ... bag twin! :ghi5:
  12. That is a lovely bag. Hope you enjoy her.
  13. Gorgeous, I love little inky! Scrummy leather on this one. Congrats! Looking forward to your modelling pics.
  14. GORGEOUS, bmb!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.
  15. In answer to your question, yes, your Alexa is very gorgeous!! Congrats