Isn't it so cute..............

  1. It is cute, but I think it may be fake. Cute however!!

    And I call my brother's kids "monkey butts" too :smile:
  2. Did you have that charm authenticated first?
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm pretty sure Coach didn't make this one :sad:
  4. Pretty sure it is fake too. I call my son Monkey Butt :biggrin:

  5. OH TARTER SAUCE!!! That figures!!
  6. Yikes its fake:sad:
  7. Awww I am sorry it was a fake. Have you paid for it yet? Maybe you can get our of it?
  8. I haven't paid yet. I emailed the seller asking her if it is authentic to see what she says. If I can get out of it I will. I am disappointed though, cause it is SUPER cute and I love it!! The leather monkey that coach does have is just not that appealing to me:sad:
  9. Don't feel bad. I bought a couple of keychains that were fake when I first got into Coach last summer. I didn't know about this forum at the time. I was able to get refunds on both although the one girl gave me a hard time about her eBay fees for which I told her that was not my problem as she sold fake merchandise and I'm sure the fines for that are much higher :lecture: Unfortunately a vast majority of the keychains that are on eBay are fake. Always post in the authenticate this thread or pm me if you like. I know a lot about fake keychains *now*:yucky:

  10. Thanks Jenn! if the seller gives me attitude, I will have to quote your threat of selling fakes. I wonder if they can use the "I didn't list it as authentic" defense with ebay to avoid being fined?
  11. I'm sorry this keychain turned out to be Fake - it is cute though. They're not allowed to sell anything counterfeit (by using Coach's name on their items) - it's illegal - so I don't think they can defend themselves against Ebay no matter what. Good luck in getting a refund!
  12. Doesn't matter. It is against Ebay policy to sell counterfeit merchandise. What frosted me more was the other seller who claimed to have worked as a Coach SA. She was lying because if she had been an SA she would have known she was selling a tacky-a$$ fake keychain. Unless she knew and didn't care :cursing:
  13. I didn't think Coach ever made that charm, it sure is cute though, but I am sure you will find something just as cute(and authentic!)
  14. Aww sorry. I did not even read all the posts above but I realized it was fake right after looked at the auction , along with all the other keychains she already sold.

    Did you already paid for it??