Isn't It Nice When...

  1. you read an "authenticate this" thread & it happens to be an item you are selling under your eBay ID? I just saw one of mine. Nothing like biting your tongue! (Luckily what followed was that it was authentic, which it positively was)
  2. oh good for you! :yahoo:
  3. oo:huh:Oooo...c'mon now, what was it!!!!!! im going to go look!
  4. Oh my gosh! That is what is currently happening to me!
  5. It was a Chloe. I don't think it sold to the person asking the question but to another boardie.
  6. i keep waiting for that to happen!
  7. I have had this happen~:yes: . I have also had some of my auctions end up in the "great eBay deals" section by other members...Makes me feel good to know people are having the items authenticated and they feel that I have listed them at an appropriate price:idea:
  8. lol - i've not had that happen to me yet, but i have to admit, whenever i'm authenticating something over on the Chloe forum, i do often wonder if the bag in Q belongs to a tPF-er!!:yes: :p
  9. ooo, that happened to me once with a Balenciaga! I think it helped a buyer push the ButItNow button :smile:
  10. I would feel relief if it is from a member of TPF.
  11. The reason I joined was I was introduced to this forum by a moderator who I had sold my Balenciaga to through eBay. It was weird when I joined to look back at the posts and see my item there and everyones comments on it. Nice feeling though. Not happened since I joined though
  12. ...hmmm...after reading all this I think it would be nice and helpful to know the accounts of tPF-members who sell on ebay...
  13. Unfortunately thats not allowed on here. When I am selling on ebay I mention on my items that I am a member here. I know that some people also put on their posting that if you want to know their PF id to contact them,

  14. i see...ok...thx for information, shoppi ;)
  15. That's hilarious.