Isn't it funny how we evolve in our handbag obsession??

  1. This thought comes to mind every now and then....I would say my (sort of) handbag obsession started about 7-8 years ago but back then it wasn't about LV or really any other big name designer. Prior to my LV obsession, I was impressed with bags like Liz Claiborne (hello!:yucky: ) or Tommy Hilfiger....I would be like 'oooh, is that a Liz Claiborne, oooh!!' :rolleyes: As I now like to call those 'LC' bags (haha). :P Then after a few years my obsession upgraded: Dooney.....then Coach....then it was all about Prada!! I remember being so obsessed with Prada....I bought a few off Blue Fly at discount. NOW.....I don't even think about buying anything else....I just want to save $$ and buy LV LV LV. It's so bad, my mother recently bought a Guess bag from Macy's and she's like 'do you like this'? and I'm like, ummmm yeah-it's nice. Just not my thing anymore! I think I need therapy!!!! :shame:
  2. Yah for me it was Coach then Dior then LV! I still buy other designers bags but LV is very addicting! : )
  3. OMG! Remember those Polo Sport messenger bags??? Those were TDF back in the day!

    I started off with Coach, then a little D&B, and a little LV, I went die-hard Gucci, and now I'm back in love with LV!! :biggrin:
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I am now obsessed with LV. I used to not even bother with handbags at all and even didn't think twice about getting a purse from Mervyns or something. But that was a LOOOOOONG time ago.

    I went from DKNY, to Guess, to Dooney, and to Coach. While I sometimes think about my Chanel and Gucci purses from time to time, I don't obsess over it like I do with my LV.

    Anyway --- yes, I need therapy, too!!!! I am obsessed with LV.
  5. I can't wait until I can move onto.. well, Chanel and Hermes. :graucho:

    My heart will always belong to Mr. V though !
  6. I also use to think Guess bags were top of the line!
  7. It is sooooo true!!!!!

    The only thing for me is that, b/c I got into purses later on in my life...around 32...I had the chance to watch family and friends go through some of the brands...and I discovered that LV was for me vs. all others....and a few Pradas

    Yet, due to this forum...Hermes came into view and I considered it abit...but still...LV has what I am looking for....a well made purse that is functional and classic......:drool: Its like once you discover these keep searching and discovering more....
  8. I know what you mean. Buying a Liz Claiborne or Nine West bag was a big deal for me at one time. Then I spent $200 on a DKNY, and I thought that was lot to spend on a bag. Then I got really crazy and spent $600 on a Donna Karan bag (not DKNY, but from the runway collection). Then I started buying LV accessories. I am in so much trouble! :rolleyes:
  9. I can totally relate. I started with guess and nine west a few years ago and moved on to Kate Spade. I sold all my old bags and now will only carry LV. Last year spending $200 on a bag would have shocked me but somehow I evolved into thinking the $1900 I spent on my Manhattan GM was reasonable.
  10. i was never really a purse girl. i do remember that the brands to get were liz claiborne in the seventh and dooney in high school.

    i did carry a kate spade messenger bag for the longest time until someone told me it was out of style! :crybaby:

    since then, i've been an lv girl.
  11. hmm.. i can't even remember what i started off with.. i think Gap bags.. which evolved into Coach, a little LV.. then Gucci.. and now LV all the way!
  12. Yah, I'm trying to move to the dark side myself; I'm on the list for a 30cm Birkin. :sweatdrop:
  13. i went from carrying a wallet in my back pocket to Dooney and Bourke to Coach and then on to LV. It's all my DH's fault... he bought me my first "designer" purse and it was all downhill from there!
  14. my :heart: belongs to Louis now thats for sure!! During the beginning of the year I had to convince my DH to get me a Coach bag for Xmas (this is how expensive he thought Coach was!) and I ended up buying an LV double that price way sooner!! Now, I cant even think about wearing another bag. I am using my mom's Juicy Couture bag which is cute but I cant wait to get my BH (long story..)
  15. Cool thread!!

    My bag collection started with Coach and Juicy...I was never really into D&B, though.

    I wish I would have never found LV!!! LOL