IsMono Papillon a very sought after LV bag?

  1. Is Mono Papillon a very sought after LV bag? Pls share
  2. It's a classic bag. Cute shape. I think they are always available in the stores though, so I don't know if I would say it's "sought after", kwim?
  3. i think at one point in time they were, it was always sold out, at least in toronto a few years ago when i wanted one, but they never had it, so i ended up buying the sonatine.
  4. Yes, my thoughts exactly! :yes:
  5. I'm waitlisted for the watercolor one coming out in May. Don't know if I'll purchase it because I'm used to bigger bags.
  6. That was my very first bag~ and now it feels so tiny next to my others! I never carry it anymore. :sad:
  7. This was my first LV bag as well...I bought it a couple years back and babied it so I never took it out much and it still looks brand new. One day, not too long ago, I went shopping with a friend and we walked inside the Gucci store and I commented on one of the handbags that resembled the papillon and she said very loudly that the LV papillon was out of style and every time I take out my papillon to use, I can't help but hear her comment run through my mind and it bugs me.
  8. The papillon is one of LV's classic bags. It will never be out of style.
  9. ^ Totally agree!
  10. I think it's very classic, but not really highly sought after, kwim?
  11. It is a classic and will never ever go out of style. I used to have both the 26 and 30. I sold the 26 and still have the 30! It is a popular LV bag, one that my SA told me they sold a lot of!
  12. its a classic... but I don't know if it is sought after...
  13. I agree its a classic but not sought after..