islolite wallet vs insolite organiser


Jul 17, 2011
Does anyone have experience with both and could come with some comments please?
I am on a ban tho but just wanted to know :smile:


LoVe my Life
Mar 31, 2009
Germany, Munich
I owned both, and i find the regular insolite much more practical. The organizer is very pretty and very big, but it was not very easy to take it out of my bags because it was just too big. (when you have 30's speedies, it's just a pain with this wallet!) So i sold it and got the insolite wallet in pink and was very happy with her! Otherwise, the pop of color made the regular insolite more interesting than the organizer (but if they would made the organizer in different colors, i think that i would rebuy one, just for fun!!!)
It just depends on your needs, if you travel a lot, i would take the organizer (you can easily put your plane tickets and passport in it) but for normal everyday use, the insolite is better imo.
Hope you get one soon, when your ban is over!
Aug 18, 2010
I was torn between the insolite and the organizer. The organizer is really huge! I got the regular sized insolite instead. It is a great size for everyday.
Jan 10, 2011
I didn't realize the organiser was bigger....ill have to check the dimensions. I really like that it has an id window. Hmmm...