Islands of Love RTW piece

  1. Ladies and Gents, I can't get that Elvis song out of my head from the men's RTW show after getting this flower print cotton classic shirt in the mail today!

    My kamaa metallic shoes are here. I tried them on. For a 7.5 they are big considering my shoe is an 8.5. I am picking them up on Thursday during the LV event. ;) More to follow on that one!

    bag.JPG flower power.JPG sleeve detail.JPG tag detail.JPG 00330f.jpg
  2. Fab shirt! Beautiful colors! CONGRATS!
  3. I actually like it.
  4. Thanks guys! LV definitely keeps you on a diet. LOL
  5. Love the print, congrats!
  6. lol. I hope it doesn't become a bad habit for me either. :p Congrats once again!
  7. beautiful shirt and loving the print! modeling pics?
  8. Congrats!
  9. Of course! It fits really nicely.
    display1.jpg display3.jpg
  10. Ooh! I really like the print!!!
  11. Nice stuff! Congratulations!
  12. oh it looks fab on you!
    i love the print xx
  13. me likey! congrats!