Isidore horn necklace?

  1. The matte croc is gorgeous. ITA with Ms Piggy: very subtle and elegant effect.
  2. Thank you so much for the pics, lala! I will have to take a deep breath and just go for it! These necklaces are too pretty to languish in a drawer.
  3. Wow...i love your collections!!!! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  4. The Isidore is one of my favorite necklaces from Hermes
  5. the matt gator is yummy......
  6. Several weeks ago, my Hermes horn links broke on one of my necklaces..

    I decided to bring it to Hermes & whatever the wait & cost was I decided

    that I would bite the bullet and have it repaired/replaced by Hermes..

    Today I got the call that my necklace is repaired & ready to be picked up..

    So the worth was well worth it
  7. Does anyone know the current price of the Isidore horn necklace (croc as well as non-exotic ones)? Thanks in advance for your help!:flowers:
  8. Hurray! Congratulations!
  9. My Isidore family:

    Rouge H
    Lacquer cassis/etoupe


    I seem to recall that gator necklaces are around $2,000 USD, not sure whether there's been a price adjustment recently or not.
  10. an incredible riot of colours in your collection. I'd run away with the pelouse and ombre one if i could. :graucho:
  11. you have to fight me for it o dear Jadeite! :devil:
  12. Uh-oh, Isidore smack-down! :bagslap: It's a beautiful, varied collection, lala!
  13. Hee Hee!
  14. Speaking of ombré, I wore it yesterday. It's actually my favorite of the bunch and seems to go with any color or outfit.


  15. Gorgeous necklaces! Congrats on your collection!