Isidore horn necklace?

  1. I think the two reds are too similar, but I love the subtlety of the havanne!

    I had and let go of an Isidore with lacquer disks because it almost hurt to wear. Not that the reptile disks are flexible, but the lacquer were just so stiff. They were forever whacking me in the chest :smile:
  2. Were the disks different colors or the same color? And, what color was your necklace?
  3. Here is a picture I found of my Isidore. The disks were half lacquer/half horn.
    photo (1).JPG
  4. Thanks, HeidiMom!
  5. love the & works with so many colors...
  6. I have the Ombre Lizzie Isadore. I will have to scare up some pics...
  7. Saw a matte possiere (sp) at my coutique recently and that was beautiful too, but I think the Ombre would work with the same outfits as your Ombre Lizzie Isadore, lala.
    maybe wait for another color that makes you swoon? I recently saw a Kali which is a longer horn necklace, all horn disks but reached about to the waist and that was beautiful too.
  8. Thanks, TT. You are right - I should wait. :noggin:
  9. I would get the havanne one for sure, so beautiful!
  10. are these horn pieces available anywhere?? tried calling several H boutiques
    and was told they are fini!!
  11. Yes, they are available on USA
    and I saw no
    less than 4 at the Chicago Boutique about a month ago.
    Good luck - they are gorgeous!
  12. treated myself today to the Isidore in pelouse... this is really gorgeous....
  13. :smile:
    Congratulations, we would love to see it! They are so gorgeous!!
  14. Congratulations! Please do post modelling pictures!
  15. You are gorgeous with those necklaces, I prefer the ombre...I have to go try it out when I go to the "Capitale" aka Paris:cool: