Isebella Fiore bag whats the best deal you have gotten

  1. What is the best deal you have got with a Fiore? Where can you buy Fiores for cheap? off fifth? thanks
  2. I just today received an IF Whipflash Audra from $595 I believe to $238 from NM. I also recently bought a wallet that I just adore...$175 down to $90 at Nordstrom.
  3. From JC Madison, the Woven Glory Molly Hobo for $223, from Winter/Fall 2006 (think it was around 70-75% off retail). You gotta just poke around and the older the iventory is - the deeper the discount. I saw the bag IRL months ago, but had no interest in payment full retail and just kept my eye on it for months before it finally went down :yes:...a lot!
  4. Bought the little Amber frame satchel from eluxury for $175, originally $450.
  5. I have seen IF on the sale table at Saks in in Ft. Myers....but I actually saw one, and I couldn't believe it, at Marshalls for an unbelievably low price of something like $179.
  6. I bought IF's Metal of Honor Carina bag last year from a NM Last Call store for $234 (marked down from $795).

    It was actually on the NM website for $217 and I bought it, but my order was canceled almost immediately because it was sold out (the cust serv rep said they only had one & someone else must have been buying it at the exact same time I was).

    I found the bag at a Last Call store for $470, but they agreed to mark it down 1/2 price since the website messed up.
  7. I don't know if you live in SoCal, but IF always has sample sales maybe twice a year from their warehouse location. It's probably worth a visit!