Isaiah Washington: it wasn't the anti-gay slurs

  1. Such a big chip on his shoulder....
  2. Oh PLEASE! That is such horsesh*t! You called someone a derogatory slur that is the equalvilent of a degrogatory racial slur, not once but TWICE and your claiming racism b/c your were fired?! Lets be serious here.

    As a minority I CANNOT stand when people use racism as an excuse for their own bad behavior. It then makes it difficult when racism is truely the case b/c people like this have used it without foundation.
  3. The only thing he is the "victim" of is his own big mouth and bad attitude....
  4. What an idiot!
  5. Katherine Heigl was right! He just needs to not talk anymore!

    Is he trying to win World's Biggest Jackass?
  6. maybe he and Vivica Fox should date, based on what we've heard from her recently...

    people that have attitudes like this will never improve themselves and never change. if they can blame the negative things in their lives on the failings of others, they have no reason to recognize and account for their own faults. since he clearly believes he has none, he'll always approach life like he's the victim of everyone else's conspiracy.

    the irony is that the show he got fired from is probably the most diverse drama on tv right now - they have regular cast members that are white, black, asian, and hispanic, both gay and straight - what other show can say that? their head writer is black. even the extras are diverse. he wasn't even the only "6-foot black man" that was a main character. yet he firmly believes he was fired because he was an intelligent black man, not because he's a bigot that brought an enormous amount of negative press to the show and the network.

  7. Very well said ^^

    He's lashing out bc he knows no one would give him any attention otherwise. The rest of the world knows he's a jerk.
  8. What a shame that his on screen personality DR. Burke is not the same person as Isaiah Washington-- I really like Dr. Burke but not Isaiah Washington is just not my cup of tea-- he leaving a sour taste --