Isagenix anyone?

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  1. I searched and didn't pull up any new topics on this...unless I did it wrong?

    But anyway, do I have any fellow users out there that mostly just do the shakes? And workout?

    Anyone else hate cleanse days? I starve so I hate doing them. I can't be the only person?! I reached out to my group, and they say it's a mind game. I talk myself into it, but it does not work. Anyone else in the same boat as me?
  2. Not currently, but I have done it in the past and yes I totally starved on cleanse days! Never made it through an entire one. I would always end up having dinner because I just couldn't take. Plus those snack wafers made me want to vomit. :biggrin: The shakes are great though.

  3. Thank you! Those wafers are disgusting!!! Yea. I've tried 2 cleanse days. The first one I forced myself to finish, but was miserable the entire day. The second, I did a modified where I start the night before and was still miserable so I quit at noon. Yep! We pretty much just stick to the shakes. Mostly because they are good, and we don't have to think about meals. Gets me out of cooking! Haha.