ISABELLE----Yes or No??? Need opinions!!

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  1. Ladies, I need your help! I was minding my own business last night just browsing around the Coach store. The Legacy duffle just doesn't do anything for me and I was feeling a little discouraged. Low and behold, I saw Isabelle! I gotta say, ...I am interested. Her leather is so soft and squishy, love the shoulder drop length and the colors are beautiful. I just don't want to be disappointed after I buy her so I really need your opinions! Do you have Isabelle and what do you think about her? What do I need to know? Just a little FYI, about 60 seconds after I leave the store, the SA calls me on my cell phone to let me know there would be another PCE during the first week of October. I think she said the 6th thru the 10th. So now I am really tempted to get Isabelle! Please don't let me make a mistake with this one. Let me know how you really feel about her! TIA!!!
  2. I got the magenta with the last pce and I love her. So soft and east to carry, the short strap is plenty longe enough for me so I likely won't ever use the long strap but its a nice option for those who like cross body wearing.
    I wore Isabelle to the outlet this week and practically every SA came up to me at some point to check it out and touch the leather :smile:
  3. I have the magenta Isabelle and I LOVE it! If there's another PCE coming up, I will definitely be getting another Isabelle!
  4. The leather is nice, and the shoulder strap is a good length, but I returned this bag because it was too tall and deep. I didn't like to feel like I was digging down to find stuff in the bottom. You can't open the top really wide like other, more horizontal bags.
  5. I just got one & am deciding - I have seen a number of these in a store, and the softness of the leather varies significantly bag to bag, with some having amazing nice swishy soft touchable leather, to stiffer not-soft-at-all leather, especially when compared side by side. So if you get one, be sure to inspect it first! I wouldn't order Isabelle online because of this.

    My opinion so far is it's very comfy to carry & holds a lot. It is puddly but that's ok because then its slouchy which I like. And the outside pocket is great!
  6. Thanks for your comments! I am really tempted to get her!:biggrin:
  7. I personally don't care for her, but that is just my opinion. I feel like she is very boring, kind of how I feel about Lindsey. Too N/S but then again I like Rory. I don't know - she just seems very plain to me.

    But we all know, get what YOU like. There will never be a bag everyone on this forum likes ;)
  8. Isn't the truth, and even our own personal taste change over the yrs.....get what you love now and enjoy it .
  9. I just purchased the op art Isabelle with the last PCE and LOVE her! Love the size and the option of the two straps. I definitely will be buying a leather Isabelle with the October PCE! Definitely!!!!
  10. I plan on getting Isabelle with PCE. I was on the fence until I saw her IRL, so yes go for it!
  11. I also personally do not care for her. To my eye, her leather is too thin and she is too plain. But I know quite a few folks on here really like her.
  12. I like her I just hope when they hit you know where that they are not like Lindseys and ADDICTIVE
  13. I love the style of isabelle! I like that it's deep and roomy. I also like that it doesn't have a lot of hardware and 'frills'. I say go for it if YOU like it!
  14. Does bag stand on it's own when set down?
  15. does ya insert for L fit in I