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  1. Can I use this color for Winter? What are your opinions about bright yellow bags for fall/winter?
  2. I think if you are wearing clothing colors that go with the yellow then yes you can use it for winter.
  3. I'm also thinking about the citron in Annabelle. Wish it was less bright and more like saffron.
  4. It is quite bright.
  5. Honestly when I saw this color I thought it was an odd color to put out right now due to the seasons. I think you can carry anything year round, especially here in the South, but it seemed odd that Coach carried it in the fall to me.
  6. I think it's gorgeous with blacks and whites ... like they show the magenta on the website (in "the autumn edit, six looks for fall" on a girl with black boots, tights, skirt and black/white plaid jacket ... ) I love that look! I've always been a huge fan of yellow in the winter ... two years ago (before renewing my Coach addiction, lol!) my winter bag was a yellow leather one from Anthropologie that I bought in November and carried through about February.

    I almost love the Citron more for winter, it's a more "pure" color, where as the saffron is a great fall shade.
  7. Any color can and should be carried year round. If you love it, wear it! Once you're outside you'll forget your reservations and just be happy you're using your pretty new bag. :smile:
  8. To me Citron looks a bit like a “raincoat” yellow, so it would make sense to carry it in the winter :smile: It would be so pretty with black coat, or a light cream coat. Navy blue too. I really want the Citron Lindsey. The isabelle is very nice, but I can’t wear yellow so save my life so I figured a satchel would be farther away from my face lol. Plus it’s got that pretty dusty blue lining.
  9. Most definitely! Imo, you can carry any color you love any time of the year :yes:
  10. I love citron. I was looking for citron and was thrilled to see a couple of choices in the Coach store. I think colors right now are becoming trans-seasonal, think of the pale beige-pink often called blush or nude. Pale mauve bags are out there for fall. Citron is such a fun color, goes well with fall's electric blues and jades.

    Coach has so many nifty bags this season, I keep seeing ones I have to have. I am a fugitive from the Hermes forum. You can get so many coach bags in so many different colors so easily! I carried a Willis for a decade. Now am going to get one in citron.
  11. I think it's fine - such a pretty color. Do you love her? Me and my husband's anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking of asking for Isabelle or Juliette. Thoughts?
  12. This
  13. I am going to get the Lindsey in Citron instead. I am truly loving the Lindsey.

  14. OH goodnesss plsssssssssssssssss do
    OMG I am a Lindsey heffa :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I would love to see this reveal.

    Now if coach would just release the Juliette in citron, also.