Isabella Oliver

  1. Hi everyone so i'm trying to find a really cute outfit for xmas day..And i love the Isabella Oliver wrap around top..I was wondering if anyone has bought any of the clothing there and if it is worth $110 for the top i think they are so cute..And i can't make up my mind on which color black or plum? Can anyone help me!! Also does anyone have any coupons for her web site? Thanks
  2. I bought a ton of stuff from them (enough that I discovered I'm considered a VIP customer :shame:smile:. I just got an email this morning with a three day sale. Use code ESX127 for 20% off everything.

    On the wrap top, they have a couple, so I'm not quite sure which one you're thinking of. I have a plum puff sleeve wrap top. It's a beautiful color and looks great on, but personally, I find the top a PITA to actually get on and to wear because it's long strips that you have to sort of wrap around and around yourself and arrange. I wore it for Thanksgiving because it's such a pretty jewel color and was a nice sort of dressy but not too dressy top. I found it difficult to wrap so that I didn't end up with gaps in it, took me a couple of tries. Even if I started out with no gaps, that didn't mean I wouldn't end up with gaps a couple hours later after moving around. I re-wrapped once or twice in the bathroom during the day.

    It does look great on though!! And other than suddenly feeling a draft on a piece of your back or belly where it's unwrapped and having to fuss with that, it is pretty comfy. Also constructed in such a way that you can manage your cleavage to the degree you want.

    I had also tried the puff-sleeve drape top since that's more of a conventional wrap (not wrapping the little strips around and around.) I didn't love the avocado color, but if it had come in other colors I would have kept it.

    I have had great luck with almost everything from IO, all comfy and high quality, with the exception of their wool sweaters which I found scratchy. However, I find almost all wool scratchy (why oh why don't they do more cashmere), so this is not really a reflection on the IO stuff. HTH!!
  3. Thanks so much (kimberf) you have been alot of help and thanks for the coupon i will be using that LOL...I'm looking at the reg. wrap around top. But i also like the puff sleeve and the keyhole one..But i figured i would get more use out of the reg. wrap around because i can wear it with a skirt, dressy pants, or jeans if i'm going shopping..So i feel i'll get more use out of the reg top..Now for the color LOL..
  4. IO are great- when I was pregnant I bought a couple of their wrap dresses, 2 skirts, and some trousers and tops and wore them in rotation for the pregnancy. The quality was fantastic and the clothes were stylish & comfortable & easy machine washable. They lasted well and looked good in early pregnancy and fitted right to the end (my twins made a HUGE bump). I give them 10 out of 10.
  5. Ok so i'm getting so really great feedback about IO now..Which color top should i go with? Black or Plum? And does anyone know how the clothing runs true to size or should i order bigger/smaller?
  6. I would say true to size, and black is a great staple colour, while plum is a gorgeous festive shade- maybe if it is for an occasion go for plum, since it is a top you will get loads of wear out of it anyway.
  7. The plum is really pretty -- that's the color I got, and I love it. It's very rich and vibrant, without being overly bright.

    DEFINITELY true to size. Do NOT go bigger. I did that with some things because I was afraid of clinginess, and just had to send them back for my regular size. They were really nice and let me exchange after the 30-day period since I still had the tags on.
  8. Thanks everyone i think i'm going to go with the plum i think it will bring out my green eyes LOL..I got to look Hot!!!
  9. So i have another question does anyone have the Bracelet Portrait Top?
    I think this one is pretty too and now i can't make up my mind which one i want to wear to xmas? I don't want to buy both because i only have 14 weeks left..So that would be stupid to buy both
  10. again...I have the regular portrait top (short sleeves), not the bracelet one in the blue color. I was hoping to wear it to work, but it's a bit cleavage-revealing for that, definitely more of a special occasion top. However, this could also just be me, since I am accustomed pre-pregnancy to not having much of a chest and am having to adjust to having cleavage at all. I find that quite a bit of the maternity stuff is more cleavage-y than I prefer. But back to the IO top, I found that a bit of my bra also showed at the corners of the square neckline, so you may have to go with a demi or balconette style.

    I think due to the wrap, you could probably wear the wrap top post-baby as well. I also think the plum is a prettier color than the blue, especially since you say you have green eyes (me too.) Again, though, the downside with that top is that it does take some adjusting during the day to make sure you aren't flashing a little flesh between the wraps.
  11. Darn it, I was trying to do a long edit and ran over the time limit. So, bottom line -- order BOTH, then send one back. I think the sale ends today, so you should get your order in. They've been great with returns for me, and have a US return address so you don't have to ship to the UK. Both have pluses and minuses, and I think just ordering and returning is the best plan.
  12. Thank you so much you have been so much help!! I think i will just get both and then make up my mind when i try them on..I really think i'm going to like the portrait top better because it seen like the wrap is alot of work to do and i really just want to put on a shirt and go LOL if you know what i mean..I'll let you know what i end up doing.
    Thanks again you have been great
  13. Good luck! I'm sure you'll find at least one of the two that you like. The portrait is a stretchier, heavier cotton fabric, so is very easy to wear without having to fuss (if you have the right bra underneath so it doesn't show.) The wrap is a drapier fabric, and I like the color and adjustability, but I probably spent 1/2 an hour over the course of the evening putting it on and/or adjusting it. Their returns are easy, though, that there's no reason not to try both.
  14. Did you get the tops, gianna? Which do you like better? I'm curious to know which you're going to wear.
  15. So i just went with the portrait top! But i got it in a 2 but i guess i needed a 3..So when i called them they said that the top would not be shipped in time for xmas..So i went to this boutique by my house and got another outfit..But i really love the IO they look great on..My sister said it looked great on me and i didn't need a 3 but i felt like i did in the boobs LOL..You know how it is when your Prego they just grow and grow LOL...