isabella oliver wrap shirts

  1. I saw there were a few women on here that have bought IO clothing. I'd love some advice on the wrap tops. They look like a lot of cloth, are they kind of heavy? Do you think IO is worth the price?
  2. I love IO, bought a ton of stuff from them, but the wrap shirts are not my fave. I bought one a while back, which I've worn once for Thanksgiving. I will probably wear it again this week to a work event. It looks good, but it's a PITA to put on. The wrap is two long strips of fabric that you have to wind around you. It's not heavy, though it can feel like a lot of fabric in those strips. It's tricky to get them wrapped smoothly and not have any little gaps where you've got a sliver of exposed flesh hanging out. Even if you manage it the first time, it may not stay that way for the whole day. I found myself checking and adjusting for coverage when I went to the bathroom and re-wrapped the whole thing at one point. It looks fabulous and the colors are really pretty, so if you don't mind high-maintenance, then it's great.

    That said, I love their other stuff. I've been living in their hipster pants since about 32 weeks. I have a bunch of their other tops, the garbo pants, and the maternity leggings as well. They use nice fabrics (I'm really picky about fabric and texture) and the cuts are good. Everything looks nice and is well made. The one other caution I'd raise is that I find their wool very itchy, but I find all wool itchy. Service is also excellent.

    I obviously think they're worth it for the quality and the service, but I'm also in a position where I'm not trying to save on maternity wear, etc. For me, I knew I'd be unhappy if I were constantly struggling to find something to wear or didn't like the things I had, so I bought a lot of stuff early on and didn't hesitate to spend money on it. My stuff is primarily either Pea in the Pod or IO, with some casual wear from babystyle, and I'd say they're all comparable in terms of price. I think the wrap shirt was one of the less worth-it things I bought from IO, since it doesn't get a lot of wear. The hipster pants, on the other hand, have turned out to be a bargain when you look at how much I wear them.

    Let me know if there's anything else in particular you're looking at -- I may well have it...
  3. Thanks for replying Kimberf!

    I ended up buying a wrap dress. I watched the demo of how to wrap the shirt online and it looked pretty complicated and after reading your post, I knew it wasn't the right shirt for me. They do look really great though, but I was wondering about skin peaking through and I don't want to scare anyone LOL.

    Anyway, I am awaiting for the arrival of my dress, I can't wait to try it on and I hope it fits me OK! Do you have any wrap dresses of IO?
  4. You're welcome! I wore my wrap shirt today (work was having a shower/luncheon for me.) It reconfirmed that it is definitely something I probably won't wear again. When I was putting it on this morning, my thought was that it's really more of a two person operation, trying to keep the strips from twisting or gapping while I was wrapping it. I had to re-wrap it during the day, and I had a couple of peeking incidents.

    I don't have any of the IO wrap dresses. They always look really cute in the pictures. I just wasn't big on dresses for winter since I didn't want to get maternity tights, and I'd be too cold in the office without them.
  5. it's kinda complicated to be honest. i honestly didnt wear half of the stuff i bought from IO. I wore one of their top and skirt and left the wrap shirts and dresses still hanging in my closet after the baby's birth. LOL. i just think the wrap shirt is too heavy. i ended up wearing flowy dresses and tunic till the day i gave birth.
  6. Nearly all of my maternity wear was from IO and i loved them. I think i got the wrap dress in all the colours. They are so so flattering. (Actually i am still wearing them post pregnancy and it still looks great). I found all their stuff very well cut, comfortable, made me look less like a whale and was really stylish. I'd definitely recommend IO to anyone. Expensive but worth it. I was so depressed when i first got pregnant thinking about what to wear. Am so glad i found IO
  7. I got the wrap around dress on my 5th month of pregnancy and I had a really bad eruption on my belly, was horrible. I will not buy IO ever again. As an advise do not take the risk, the fabrics are not the ones show in the level...:tdown:...
  8. Wow! Jeanrachel, did you write them or call them? I thought everything I got from them was very good quality. I have super-sensitive skin, and I did find their wool really scratchy (returned all the sweaters I ordered), but all the other fabrics were great. They were also great about returns, even let me exchange things after the 30 day return period, so I'm sure they would have helped you out if you got in touch.