Isabella Fiore

  1. Not sure this is the way to go, but figured I'd ask anyway....I'd like to buy Kim an Isabella Fiore bag for her birthday this Sunday. I'm sure it's a question of personal taste, but can anyone offer me a recommendation on which one to get her? She has a few Coach Bags, but this would be a step up and an unexpected gift for her. Thanks, Jay
  2. I am fairly new to the forum so I can't be much help but is Kim a member of the forum? If not, maybe you can provide some more info so others can help.
  3. D0444236391745_v1_m56577569831227453.jpg
  4. I like that one too. I think it is also available online at Saks. You could probably use the code at Saks and save 10% but you may not get it in time for her birthday.

    Very nice of you....
  5. Hi there, newbie to the forum but i absolutely have to agree with the girls here. Audra bag is the way to go with Isbella. I am IN LOVE with it, still trying to haunt down the very first Audra bag aka Katie Helms bag for myself, if anyone knows where I can get that please drop me a line, thanks! (ps i tried ebay but never had the luck to win :sad: )
  6. audra hands down, i love mine
  7. i love mine too, i bought it from adasa back when it was still a pre-order and i always get a ton of compliments on it (even though my boyfriend jokes that it's a huge golden garbage bag, because it's so big)! ;)
  8. The Audra is a beautiful bag... Lucky Kim!!
  9. Wow, how nice to come home and find replies! As much as I hate the mall, I went to Nieman Marcus this afternoon to look at their selection, but didn't find much. They have a new shipment coming in tomorrow or Friday. I'll look for the Audra bag and get it for her. She will be so excited to see you all helped get it for her! Thanks again, Jay
  10. You may not be able to find it in a store, I RARELY see it. You could be better off finding it at
  11. Audra is the way to go with IF! I have the 2005 version (the Katie Holmes bag) in black and absolutely love it. I've carried it often, and usually I'd think I'd be bored with that style by now, but no no no not with my Audra.
  12. Ok, I'm done with the whole birthday shopping. Thanks for everyone's help! Attached are pictures of her gifts (Niemen Marcus online). I'm sure after I tell her about this experience she'll be a frequent addition to this site.
    Kim's Bag.jpg Kim's shoes.jpg
  13. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEAUTIFUL choices! We can't wait until she finds us! We'll try not to be too bad an infuence on her! ;)
    You ROCK michiganjay!
  14. You should train all your guy friends to do the same.