Isabella Fiore Woven Leather Hobo-NM $226

  1. Gone.
  2. I grabbed it. Thank you legibet! I wanted one but missed the sale several weeks ago. This will be a perfect bag to carry books. :tup:
  3. is everyone getting these through bookmarking because they dont seem to be on the normal site...
  4. Yeah, I just posted one on Gryson. I found it on Google.
  5. thanks greenabyss!
  6. omg...I have two browsers opened now and found that one browser is showing more items. I figured out why. The browser I logged on to shows me more items. My guess is that they show more items to their best customers. If you are a best customer, try this. 1. Open two browsers 2. then log on to in only one browser 3. now compare items shown in last call clearnace in two browers. Do you see any difference?
  7. hmm thats weird its the same for me...
  8. well, in men's section, I see ferragamo white pants, john varvatos boots, two zergna jackets in addition to all the items shown in the other browser. Aslo, in handbag section, one brower shows me only 6 handbags but the other browser shows me 13 handbags. Is it just my browser?
  9. I see 13.
  10. ok now i see 13...think they'll add any more?
  11. is my computer. It must be related to cookies. >_<