Isabella Fiore Whipflash Alexia Authenticity Help!!!

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  1. PLEASE HELP!!! I saw the Isabella Fiore Whipflash Alexia Large Hobo in Nordstrom back in early October. By the time I made up my mind to get it, it was sold out across the country (believe me I checked!) I just bought one on e-bay (first purchase on e-bay ever) and now I'm concerned about the authenticity. I went on Neiman Marcus' website to see if they had any at all and they did, but the bag on their website looks significantly different! I talked to customer service at Neiman's and they couldn't even tell me if it was indeed the Alexia bag they were selling. I'm at my wits end here trying to figure this out so if anyone can send me pictures of their Alexia or tell me what to look for I would greatly appreciate it!!!
  2. If you could tell us which ebay auction you won I can look at the picture. I don't think there are any fake alexias out there, it is just too complicated a bag to fake. The picture on Bergdorf's web site or Saks, looks just like the bag. There are some of those bags floating around from authorized stores, you just have to keep checking back. Try adasa on a daily basis and they will have a return you can buy. But back to your ebay win, post the link and I'll check it out.
  3. When I was looking for my IF audra, the seller you bought your Alexia was selling one too but I choose not to buy from her b/c the seller did not have actual pics of the bag. I don't like stock photos b/c I am afraid the seller will give me anything. BUT I can't really say w/stock photos and her rating is very high with 100% feedback. Do you have pics of the bag you recieved that you could post? I do believe that there aren't many replicas out there for this to begin with.
  4. those photos are's stock photos, and their version is different than NM's version, but in my opinion superior - let us know what the bag looks like when it gets to you, but fyi, there are several different versions of the bag floating around out there! i have's version of the audra (theirs is the original, NM's is a reissue) and LOVE it.
  5. There is a gold Alexia available at the Seattle Nordstrom store right now - saw it recently. You could call them and order it if you want that color....
  6. So there are different versions of the bag? That's what I was trying to figure out from Neiman's. From my memory, it seemed the bag I got on e-bay was what I saw at Nordy's. I'm still a little worried though. I haven't received the bag yet but I'll post pics as soon as it comes in. Also, she's got another Alexia hobo up just like the one I bought for an even higher price. If this bag is so rare, how is that she has so many? I actually believe this most recent one is her third. Is this cause for alarm?
  7. I know this seller and you could not ask for a more reputable Isabella seller. All her items are authentic. but call Nordstrom in your town and have them call the seattle nordstrom for you and have it shipped either to your house or to your store.
  8. Loren, you're awesome, thanks!!!!