Isabella Fiore, what do you think?

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  1. What do you gals think of this bag? Too much going on? I would appreciate any opinions, TIA.

    picture from NM
  2. I don't like it. The flowers are too overwhelming.
  3. Not my thing, I don't really like crochet anything.

    But if you like it, go for it :nuts:
  4. Definetely not liking it. Just too much going on with this bag.
  5. Saw this in person today--it also comes in green and I think a reddish/pink version. It's not my thing--I thought it was a little too fussy... But if you like it--go for it.
  6. Thanks for all the input, I think I'll wait. I think it's too fussy also.
  7. Kind of like a wreath of dried flowers around your arm. I don't know, I think it could be pretty, under the right circumstances. I wouldn't leap to buy it, though.
  8. nay!
  9. It's got too much going on...but, I agree with Cristina that if you love it, go for it!
  10. 2249-284370-4.jpg 2249-284370-p.jpg
  11. I've also seen this bag in person and there is A LOT going on.
  12. I LOVE IF bags (I have 5!) but I stick to the more sedate styles. All the flowers and colors make me nervous. And I hate the Summer Of Love collection and the Easy Rider collection. But for basic leather bags, they can't be beat. Here is my latest two. The Embellished Nikki (which is as wild as I'll go for beading and such) and my Sweet Dreams Bag. I love them both. But everyone has different taste. I know Shushopn got the Sweet Dreams bag and didn't care for it. Too Large. But for me it's the right size. I like room for alot of crap.

    View attachment 29721

    View attachment 29722
  13. A bit too much for me, but IF definitely has some cute bags.
  14. I like it a lot! Not so much the floral one- a bit of overkill with so many roses - just a few would have been much more pleasing to the eye IMO
  15. Hi, Lexie2000, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE your IF bags- they're gorgeous. Like works of art. I would put them on display on a shelf :biggrin: . I completely agree with you- I think the IF leather bags are fab but I don't really like the bags with loads of "stuff" on it -IF can be a bit OTT with the embellishments sometimes- can be a bit migraine-inducing.
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